Baghchal - The traditional Nepali strategy board game

Monday, December 13, 2010

How to play Baghchal

Baghchal is a traditional Nepali board game in which, two players play tiger and goats. There are 4 tigers and 20 goats in which, tigers can eat goats by jumping over them and goat try to trap tigers by constructing 'goat wall'.
Getting Started
You'll play Bagh Chal with the mouse. To start, you'll need to set a goat on the playfield. Move the cursor over one of the flowers (cross-lines) on the board, then click the left mouse button to place a goat there. Once you've made a move, one of the four tigers on the board will move one space in any direction. If it is a two player game, other player moves the tiger. 
After all of your goats have been set on the playfield, you will then be asked to move them. Click a goat, then click on a flower next to it to make it move to that space. You should not move a goat to any space on the playfield where tigers have the ability to jump your goats and remove them from the board. The game ends either when the tigers are trapped, or when six of your goats have been taken from the board.
Tip 1: Wall of GoatsSet your goats on the edges of the playfield, and build a wall that prevents the tigers from eating them. The thicker that wall becomes, the more difficult it will be for your enemies to break through it.
Tip 2: Getting Your Goat
The classic chess strategy of sacrificing a piece to trick your opponent into dropping his guard is equally effective in BaghChal. Use a scapegoat to lure one of the tigers into a trap, then close the space behind it to declaw the big cat.